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Raul Huerta, born 1966 in the south of Peru in Arequipa, expressed his passion for music at a very young age. It was quite clear early in his life that this gifted budding musician, guided by strong inner faith, was going to climb to the top. He started already in school, playing for all his classmates, and founded his first band called “Pirámide”. A few years later he discovered the works of Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanés and others, in a musical style called La Nueva Canción Latinoamericana. With that influence, he recorded an album called “Solo un rumor” (1989), produced by Ayo Rivasplata, Alberto Chong and Ernesto Samamé.


In the 1990's Raul was a frequent and well-known guest with different groups, appreciated as an extraordinary musician, composer and arranger. With his own projects he succeeded in rapidly becoming known not only in Peru but also beyond. He produced shows and concerts in prominent clubs, stadiums, and television and radio stations, where he gave the masses spellbinding and unforgettable performances, becoming the pride of his birth city Arequipa. During this time he also worked with the band “Canto Rodado”, a very special group including some of Lima’s best musicians, but unfortunately without developing any recordings.


In 1992 Raul recorded the title song “Naboria” for his second album called “Son pa’ quererte”. The song was a big hit in southern Peru, making Raul the most popular singer in this area. It was a golden time with many concerts and tours, but his life was about to change. In the mid-1990's, he decided to follow the woman he would marry to Switzerland, leaving friends, family, and stardom in his country behind. He continued with his music in Europe, but quickly realized that the reality of that continent was different. His musical life became secondary (a side role) and he had to get used to a totally different way of life and work for his young family.


However, his Peruvian musical fever never left him, and guided him through his life and as a passionate composer. That is why in 1996 he edited his album “Son pa’ quererte” in Switzerland. But Europe was not yet ready to hear his music and he did not have a special success. However, as he could not live without producing music, he then founded, with some other Peruvian musicians, the group “Ceviche Mixto”, playing Afro Peruvian and Latin music. They were an unexpected hit and eventually became the most popular Peruvian group in Switzerland, playing all around Europe. By this time Latin music was already very popular in that continent, making it easier for Raul to prosper. Paleo Festival was one of the important festivals in this time of his career, where he played with the well-known singer Lucy Acevedo.


Motivated by a multitude of e-mails from fans in Peru and other countries, he returned to his native Peruvian city of Arequipa in 2006, to record with the best musicians there the CD "Cosas Raras" (2008). With the South American and European influences blending in the music, his lyrics tell of his experiences in Switzerland. "Cosas Raras" is a strong and sensitive composition which expresses the joy of life and passion, but with a deep longing shaped with a delicate intimate melancholy. 


For many years Raul was singing songs by other songwriters but never recorded these songs, and that's why he decided to record a CD called "Dias de Trova" (2011). It is a very simple acoustic rendition with just Raul and his guitar, recorded during one night in Arequipa, Peru, almost as a live recording.  In this CD homage to all those great singer/songwriters Raul had the wonderful experience to perform with, we can find songs from the musical style La Nueva Trova Cubana such as Pablo Milanés’ "Yolanda" or Silvio Rodriguez’s "La Maza"; and beautiful songs from Luis Alberto Spinetta and Chabuca Granda. A big European tour followed after the release of this album with a trio of performers: Cesar Correa (piano), Edgar Vente (cajon), and Raul on guitar and vocals.


Something Raul had always dreamt about was to perform accompanied by a symphony orchestra. This dream came true on August 1, 2013, when Raul sang for more than 1,000 people in the Teatro Municipal de Arequipa featuring the Orquesta Sinfónica de Arequipa, Peru. "Homenaje a Arequipa" was the title and the musical program included Raul’s songs and also a folkloric song written by Raul’s grandfather Antonio Tapia, "Chocomel". For this concert Raul received Arequipa’s Gold Medal, in recognition of his great musical work. The concert was released in CD and in DVD and titled "Homenaje a Arequipa - Raul Huerta y Orquesta Sinfónica de Arequipa" (2013).


After a long European tour with the Huerta-Correa-Vente Trio, Raul decided to work on a new project named "De Colores" (2015), which was arranged and produced by the award-winning British pianist producer Alex Wilson (who also produced the award-winning album "Area 52 CUBA" for the Mexican acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo and Gabriela, and won also a World Music prize for his album "Mali Latino". He has also produced many other prominent albums for many artists around the world).


“De Colores” takes Raul's music to another level -- stronger, deeper, more original, and full of energy. There are 10 titles inspired by deep and important changes in Raul's life and also melancholy about being away from home. All these elements -- and the participation of great musicians on the record such as Dudu Penz from Brazil on bass, Edwin Sanz from Venezuela on percussion, Andreas Kühnrich from Switzerland on cello, Irene Hofstetter on vocals and Rodrigo Rodriguez from Colombia on the backing vocals -- give this album an exceptional sound.

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